If you are looking for a platform where you can build your blogging or business website, then you can get started with WordPress, which is the best website builder with advanced features. If you have the idea and imagination of how your website is going to look then you can execute them by using WordPress.

However, while getting started with WordPress people think that they need high technical knowledge, but that’s not the truth. You can create a simple and basic website by getting bit knowledge of website building process in WordPress.

At the same time, if you are looking for a professional website then it will be necessary for you to get the task performed by professional website developers.

In this post by Kreo Web, you will get to know, how to use wordpress for your website as a beginner. Here is the basic wordpress tutorial every beginner needs to know.

Getting Started with WordPress

1. Get the Best Hosting for Website


Hosting is a service by which you can make your website accessible via World Wide Web. Before starting with wordpress, you need to set up a server for your website. This requires you to buy a hosting plan for your website.

According to your requirements you can choose the best hosting for you. Here are the 4 types of wordpress hosting you can choose for your website:

*Shared WordPress Hosting

Good for new comers because it is much affordable than other servers. In shared hosting your website is not only one in the server, whereas, your website shares server with other websites.

*Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS costs bit more than shared wordpress hosting, but at the same time security and features are more advanced than shared wordpress hosting.

*Dedicated wordpress servers

It requires high investment to host your website on dedicated wordpress server, where your website doesn’t share server with other websites. However if you are just starting with wordpress then it is not necessary for you to choose this plan.

*Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is the most expensive plan you will get. With managed WP hosting you get a high website speed and fully managed dedicated wordpress server.

2. Pick a Domain Name

choose domain names

A domain is an identity of your website in the web. If you already have a selected name of your company of website then buy a domain of that name. Website’s domain name is mentioned in the URL with suffix, namely, .com, .org, .ca, etc.

Once you are done with setting up your website’s domain name, follow your hosting company’s instruction to integrate your domain name with server hosting.

3. Install WordPress

wordpress tutorial for beginners

You will able to install wordpress from your hosting dashboard or cpanel. Scroll down to the website section in cpanel, where you will see an icon of wordpress. By clicking the icon you will start the process of installing wordpress to your website.

After entering the installation procedure, you will be asked to select a domain name, where you have to choose your website’s domain. After this you will need to set up you admin username and password. Once done with all these you can proceed towards installation.

4. Pick the Best WordPress Theme

themes for wordpress

Once you are done with the installation of wordpress to website, it’s time to give a new look and design to the website. There are various free wordpress themes that can match your ideas. Choose the theme that best suits your website and install it. You can get free themes in the appearance section in WP dashboard.

5. Integrate WordPress Plugins

website plugins

Plugins are tools which help you to add extra features in your website. Without adding plugins you can never expect a wonderful website in wordpress. Features such as contact form, payment method, photo gallery, etc. are all added to website with the help of plugins.

Depending on the functionalities you want in your website, you will need to integrate various plugins. There are about 50,000+ free plugins available for such features also with many paid and third-party plugins.

6. Create Web Pages

getting started with wordpress

Once done with all the above mentioned it’s time to add pages and content to your website. Practice and make the best use of plugins and theme to bring out beautiful web pages in your website. Create basic pages that every website needs i.e. home page, about us, contact, service or product, blog.

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