One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, is the best place to promote your business and earn loyal followers. A facebook business page is must to get customers through facebook. To get success in business using facebook you should know how to promote Facebook business page.

Do you know, facebook holds a big amount of customers for your business? Yes, facebook holds a huge amount of visitors, and if you go with a perfect strategy to promote your Facebook business page then you can get the right customers for your business.

There are two methods, you can promote your facebook business page, i.e.

  • The free method
  • The paid method

In the 1st method, which is the free one, you get good results without any cost. The only thing you have to compromise with while using this method is time. You have to invest time in optimizing your FB business page so that it can show good results.

In another case, which is the paid method, you get results fast for which you obviously need to pay an amount. This method is bold in nature and makes it easy for you to target the right customer present for you on facebook.

In this post by “Kreo Web”, you will get to know how you can promote facebook business page for free and also paid.

How to Promote Facebook Business Page Free?

1. Post Awesome Content on Facebook Business Page


Fb users engage with posts which they find interesting and new. Without awesome posts, you can never expect FB users to engage with your post. In fact, if your post or content is eligible to gain user attraction then your post can get a good amount of social shares. What this will do is it will increase your brand awareness among various people on Facebook.

2. Share your posts on Facebook Groups

promote facebook business page

Facebook groups related to the niche your business serves are the best places to promote your Facebook business page. These groups are mostly filled with users who are interested in your niche and if you share awesome content or posts in such groups you will get better brand awareness and increased followers to your Facebook business page.

3. Link Facebook Page to Website

How to link facebook with website

Linking facebook page to your website helps both in website optimization and facebook business page optimization. By doing this, your facebook page can get more followers among website visitors.

By giving a link to your website in facebook business page you can increase the number of website visitors which will automatically lead to your online business growth.

4. Link Facebook Page to Pinterest

how to promote facebook business page free

Pinterest is also an emerging social media platform where businesses had already started promoting their online presence. By linking the Facebook business page to your Pinterest business account you can get an easy flow of visitors from Pinterest to Facebook and from Facebook to Pinterest.

5. Engage with your Followers

increase followers in facebook page

Once you are done with all the steps to earn followers for your facebook business page, it’s time to take steps to hold your followers and transform them into loyal followers. You can do this by increasing engagement with your followers.

The best way you can increase engagement with your facebook page followers is by using tools like facebook live, facebook stories and post comments. Stay active when it comes to use such tools because they can show good results in the long run and earn your facebook business page more likes, comments, shares, and followers.

How to Promote Facebook Business Page Paid?

1. Boost Post

how to promote facebook business page paid

Boosting posts or promoting posts on facebook is the best way when it comes to getting fast and quality results with better user engagement. By using this tool you can reach a wide range of customers all over the world who are active on Facebook and Instagram.

Running a sponsored ad on facebook costs you few bucks which will in result give a good amount of facebook business page engagement. The amount you are going to spend on facebook ads totally depends on your targeting and competition. A minimum of $5 is recommended to get good results from facebook sponsored ads.

2. Use Detailed Targeting

promote business in facebook

With Facebook paid marketing you also get an option to choose your targeted customers. With this feature, you can present your ad only in front of those people who are more likely to engage with your post.

Without making the correct use of detailed targeting options in facebook marketing you will be going to waste your money. Make the correct use of this feature to promote the facebook business page and get a huge amount of likes, followers and customers.

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