WordPress plugins are the best tools you should use to customize and put add-ons on your website. Yes, WordPress plugins are very necessary for your website and without them, your website will be like a mobile without a camera. The problem is, there are a lot of plugins for the same feature. With over 40,000 plugins for WordPress available, it gets very difficult to choose the Best WordPress Plugins.

Actually, there are plugins ready for every feature you want in your website, the task is to pick the best out of those plugins. This is necessary because without using the best WordPress plugins you cannot get the best performance out of your website and on the other hand, if you have installed useless plugins then you will also face problems while operating them.

In this post by Kreo Web, you will get to know the best plugins for WordPress you should pick to add necessary features that every professional and trending website should have.

List of Best WordPress Plugins for Free

Best WordPress Plugin for SEO

Wordpress plugin for SEO

Yoast SEO

To rank your website on the 1st page of Google or to make your website capable to compete with others, it is very necessary for you to optimize your website. How will you do this? Yoast plugin makes your work a lot easier. It is the best free WordPress plugin for SEO with easy functionality.

What you can do is, install Yoast in your WordPress and after activating the plugin you can configure your Yoast in configuration wizard of the plugin. After this you will get Yoast’s SEO assistance in every page or post you will upload. Yoast does not optimize your web page, but it analyzes your web page on the basis of a focus keyword and tells what improvements your page needs.

Best WordPress Plugins for E-commerce

wordpress plugin for e-commerce


Woo commerce is not only the best but it is a must-have WordPress plugin for e-commerce websites. Woocommerce is the best platform available in WordPress to run an e-commerce website. About 58.5 million e-commerce websites in the world use woo-commerce to run their e-commerce business.

When such a great number of websites are already running on woocommerce then why can’t yours. Just install woocommerce because this tool can literally make your e-commerce experience easy and efficient, and most important of all is it’s free.


An e-commerce website is never complete without a payment gateway. When someone buys a product or does a transaction on your website, then they expect a trusted and known payment gateway. Paypal is the best plugin worldwide when it comes to e-commerce transactions.

Installing PayPal to WordPress is very easy, what you have to do is, search for WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gatewayand install the plugin. After activating the plugin you have to enter the PayPal credentials like the PayPal API Username, PayPal API Password, and PayPal API Signature, and to continue with your PayPal account you will also require to give your PayPal e-mail address.

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WordPress Plugins for Contact Form

contact form plugins

Contact Form 7

Contact forms are one of the top priorities for a website, that’s why it is necessary that your website should have interactive contact forms where ever required. With features like easy customization, adding reCaptcha and installation contact Form 7 is one of the top WordPress plugins for contact form which is again free of cost.

WP Forms

Another name in our list of best WordPress plugins for the contact form is WP Forms. If you are a beginner or you are going to make a contact form for the first time then WP forms are the best Contact form WordPress plugin, because of its user-friendly approach.

WP form gives an easy drag and drop online form builder, which makes it very easy for you to create or customize a contact form. In the free version of WP forms, you get every basic and necessary feature, but if you want advanced features like multi-page forms, payment forms, email notifications, etc then you have to go for the premium version.

Social Media Plugins for WordPress

social media plugins for wordpress

Ultimate Social Media Icons

Users like to share content which they find interesting. If you also want users to share your content, product or service to social media then you should definitely add a WordPress social share plugin. “Ultimate Social Media Icon” is a free plugin to increase the value of your content on social media.

If you are a beginner then this is the best WordPress plugin for social media sharing. With features like customizing social icons, showing social likes, adding multiple social icons, etc. it becomes a very user-friendly and easy to understand plugin for social sharing.

WordPress Plugin for Instagram Feed

plugin for instagram feed

Instagram Feed

With a good user rating and 400k+ active installations, Instagram comes on top of the best plugins for Instagram feed. You get a wide range of features with this plugin to customize Instagram feed on your website. These include advanced features like customization of icons, feeds from multiple accounts, total control on how the feed should look, ‘load more’ button, etc.

WP Instagram Widget

With the basic features you need for an Instagram feed on your website, WP Instagram Widget comes out as one of the best WordPress plugins for Instagram feed. This plugin has a very simple setup procedure in which you only need to fill in the basic details of your Instagram account.

When we count on some disadvantages of this plugin, the major disadvantage that comes out is its negative impact on website speed. Yes, this plugin really has a negative impact on the website’s loading speed. But, if you can manage with this and only want to show pictures from a single account then this plugin is pretty good to go.

WordPress Plugin for Website Speed

best wordpress plugin for website speed

Speed Booster

When you want to convert your visitor or you want to optimize your website for SEO, optimizing your website loading speed becomes very necessary. With Speed Booster plugin you can optimize your website’s loading speed with just a few clicks. In fact, it is the most easy and beginner-friendly WordPress plugin for website speed.

W3 Total Cache

Purging cache is the first and most important priority to improve your website’s speed. Total Cache is the most recommended and mostly used WordPress plugin when it comes to purge website cache and improve loading speed.

This plugin gives all the necessary features like the compression of CSS and JS files, compression of HTTP and RSS feeds, etc. to improve website speed and the good thing is that it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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When using WordPress, plugins are the most serious concern, because without plugins your website will remain incomplete. With so many plugins available for the same feature, it gets difficult to pick the best.

The above-mentioned are some of the best WordPress plugins for the most necessary features that every website needs. Let’s recapitulate the points

  1. Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin for SEO
  2. Wocommerce – WordPress plugin for e-commerce
  3. WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway – WordPress plugin for e-commerce payment gateway
  4. Contact Form 7 & WP Forms – WordPress plugin for contact form
  5. Ultimate Social Media Icons – WordPress plugin for social media sharing icons
  6. Instagram Feed & WP Instagram Widget – WordPress plugin for Instagram feed.
  7. Speed Booster & W3 Total Cache – Best WordPress plugin for website loading speed.

These are the must-have plugins for WordPress websites that can totally give a good transformation that every website needs.

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