If you are running an online business or going to start an online business, then, you will agree on how important it is to market your business online and to manage your online reputation. Here, the role played by digital marketing tools is very important. There are a ton of digital marketing tools present on the web that can help you in managing your marketing strategies.

But, which one to choose?

In this post, by Kreo Web we will give you a list of best online marketing tools that you should use if you want a good return from your online business.

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Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for Startups

#1. Google Analytics

Free digital marketing tool

Getting proper analytics of your website is very important to plan and execute digital marketing strategies. Google is the most used search engine worldwide, and what will be better than using an analytics tool provided by Google itself.

Google Analytics is the best tool to get the analysis of online business you are running through a website. It gives you every analytical detail related to your website, which includes, traffic’s location, traffic source, real-time active users, user activity, etc.

The important thing is execution, these analytics is only going to work when you make changes according to the analytical update provided by Google analytics.

#2. Webmaster Tool

Free online business tools

Most of the search engines have their own webmaster tool. For example, Google’s Search Console is the webmaster tool of Google, Bing Webmaster Tool of Bing, etc. Having access to these webmaster tools is very important to know about the status of web pages in search engines.

The most important among these is the Google Search Console because Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. It also lets you know about which keyword is working best for you.

#3. Google Ad words

Search Engine Marketing is the most effective paid marketing to work in today’s online marketing world. Google is the best search engine marketing platform, because of a large number of active visitors.

To run your ad campaigns in Google, Ad words is the tool where you can create and manage your ad campaigns for Google SERP. This is why AdWords is the must-have online marketing tool to run your paid ads.

It also comes with a tool where you can search for the best keywords to target for your ad campaign, with CPC, monthly searches, highest and lowest bid, etc. and it is known as Google Keyword Planner.

#4. SEM Rush

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If you are willing to pay an amount to get a more detailed analysis of your marketing campaigns and your website, then you should definitely choose SEM Rush. It is the best digital marketing tool among other paid marketing tools.

The main feature of this tool is that it gives detail about your competitors. You will be able to know what strategy your competitors are using, and according to that analysis, you can also execute your digital marketing campaigns.

#5. Ubersuggest

free internet marketing tools

Ubersuggest is a free online business tool provided by NeilPatel.com. It includes a lot of features, which can help you to build an SEO friendly website and to run easy marketing campaigns for your products or services.

What you need to do is enter a keyword, you want to rank for and it will give a detailed overview of the particular keyword, like the popular content with this keyword, its CPC, monthly search volume, estimated visits, etc. based on the country you choose.

It also shows the top contents your competitor is ranking for and what are the keywords and backlinks it is using to get higher ranking in Google for each content.

#6. Yoast Plugin for WordPress

Free internet marketing tools

WordPress is the best platform at present to build a website. To rank higher on Google you should always work on SEO of every page present on your website. Yoast and WordPress together make it easy for you.

“Yoast SEO” is a Word Press plug-in for your website and it is another free online marketing tool. The feature it has is, it gives SEO analysis of web pages while you create them. It makes SEO easier for you to execute.

#7. Buzzsumo

Free digital marketing tools

Social Media is a very big platform to promote your business online. Sharing your content on social media is a very effective way to attract visitors towards your content.

But, why visitors will get engaged with your content?

Before, creating any content on your website, you should be familiar with the most trending content in social media, which are getting maximum shares, likes or engagements. Here, Buzzsumo comes in work, it is the best digital marketing tool that tells which content is the most trending in multiple social media platforms.

#8. E-mail Marketing Tools – Drip, AWeber

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When it comes to getting in a deep engagement with your customers or website visitors, e-mail marketing is the best form of online marketing. At the same time, it is also important to use the best online tools available for e-mail marketing.

Drip and AWeber are among the best online tools for engaging with customers through the mail. They both come under paid internet marketing tools, but they are totally worth the amount you will be paying.

#9. Landing Page Tools – InstaPage & Click Funnels

Free Landing page tools

Once you run your paid ad in any online platform, then what? It is very important to check where visitors are landing after clicking your ad. A creative and relevant landing page is very important to convert your visitors to clients.

Online marketing tools also include tools for creating landing pages. Here, Instapage & Click Funnel are among the best online tools to create landing pages.

#10. Canva

Free Graphic designing tools

Though Canva is not an online marketing tool, it is a very important online tool for your digital marketing campaigns. It is basically a free graphic designing tool where you can create logos, ad banners, social media banners, etc.


Online marketing with such a high competition is becoming very tough, but if you use the above mentioned digital marketing tools for your marketing campaigns then it will be great for you to understand, how you can execute your strategies effectively to bring leads to your online business.

Internet marketing tools include both free and paid options, it depends on you which one to choose. With this article “Kreo Web” tried to give you the knowledge of best marketing tools online, and how you can use them for running or starting an online business.

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