Hey! Do you run an E-commerce website? Are you struggling to manage your E-commerce business? Do you need more profit from your E-commerce business? Then, woocommerce plugin is an all in one solution to bring you a profitable business from your WordPress E-commerce site.

In the growing digital world where everyone is running towards taking their business online, the tools and options for managing your online business have also grown. It’s hard to choose the best among them. Woocommerce is one of the tools used by many website owners to run their profitable e-commerce business.

It is used by many e-commerce store owners, which is giving them a fruitful amount of profit. From start-up websites to established websites, woocommerce has become a popular choice to run an e-commerce business. In this post you will get to know why to choose woocommerce tool for running a WordPress e-commerce site.

What is Woocommerce Plugin?

Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress based E-commerce websites, which helps you to manage all the business with just your clicks.


This tool has made managing an e-commerce website so easy, with several features like adding products, tracking orders, tracking shipment, different payment option including COD, creating discount coupons, analyzing your business and many more at a cost of $0. Woocommerce helped a lot of start-ups to run an e-commerce business like a pro, and if you also want to run an successful e-commerce business, then woocommerce is ready to help you out.

Why choose woocommerce plugin for your WordPress E-commerce Site?

Here are the main reasons to have woocommerce as an important tool for your online business.

#1 Woo Commerce is Free

Woocommerce Plugin

Yes, that’s the most important point, creating an online platform for your business is free of cost through WordPress and Woo commerce. This makes it the best option for individual start-ups to get their hands on an e-commerce business easily.

#2 Is Woocommerce Safe?

Yes, woo commerce is free but it is also safe at the same time. It will be totally wrong to say it will lack quality because it is free. No, that’s not true. Woo commerce has emerged as a popular choice for many ecommerce websites with a very professional quality.

#3 Run Your Business on Finger Tips with Woo Commerce

Woocommerce web development toronto

When you run your business through woo commerce, you get everything just a click away. Every option in this tool is easy to navigate. It will require just a few minutes for you to understand all the setup of woo commerce. Operating woo commerce is very easy and does not require any eligibility criteria, all you need is a desire to start a profitable e-commerce business.

After starting your business, this e-commerce tool gives you every accessible option to manage your business like analytics, tracking, order management, etc.

#4 Woo Commerce’s Strong Analytics Tool

Woocommerce Analytics Dashboard Kreo Web

Analytics is a very important part of any business. Data analysis plays an important role in scaling your business. It is a valuable part of business and cannot be ignored anytime. Especially, if you are running an online business and want to scale your business to a next level then analysing your business is very important for you.

That is why, woo commerce also provides you a strong analytics tool, which helps you get a better analysis of your customer and your business. At the same time, it is also possible to integrate other analytics tool like “Google Analytics” to get more analysis from a wide platform like Google.

#5 Easy to Install

Installing the plugin is very easy. You just require to click the plugin section in your WordPress dashboard. Then you will have to select “add new” plugin, where you will search for “woo commerce plugin”.

#6 An Attractive E-commerce Store

Yes, that’s true, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to get an attractive e-commerce store. This is because, when you work with woo commerce, you also work with WordPress, which is the most popular platform worldwide, to design any kind of website.

WordPress and Woo commerce are the best combination at the present time to get a beautiful e-commerce website.

#7 Easy Shipment Tracking

woocommerce shipping

Do you like tracking the shipment, once you placed an order?

Everyone does, every customers wants to know their shipment status. If you can also provide this facility in your website, then it will definitely help you to win the trust of your customer. This will further help you in, building a good relationship with your customer.

And, Do you know, this is possible with woo commerce? Yes that’s true, your customers can easily track their order via e-mail, only because of woo commerce.

#8 Woocommerce Shipping Carrier Extensions

Default shipping option provided by woo commerce is free of cost, but woocommerce benefits with add extensions of popular shipping platforms like FedEx, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail and many more which will obviously charge you an amount.

You can also get live shipping rates of all these shipping platforms, just on your clicks.

All you need to do is install the plugin of any particular extension you like from the WordPress plugin panel and then you have to integrate it with your woocommerce.

You get a variety of options after installing the plugin, which are very easy to understand and are very easily accessible.

#9 Creating Discount Coupons

Woocommerce coupon

Now, this feature is something you are never going to ignore. This is a very effective and important feature of woocommerce.

Giving discount coupons to your customers is a very effective way to get engaged with your customers. Customers will always love your discounts and offers, which will definitely increase your sales.

Woocommerce makes it very easy for you to create discount coupons, which will help you in maintaining a good relationship with your customer.

#10 Variety of Payment Methods

Payment is another important aspect of e-commerce websites. When you provide your customers with a variety of trusted payment options, it makes them to buy your product.

Customers are always concerned about a secure payment, if your website has a secure payment gateway, they will trust you, and will definitely buy your product.

Woocommerce payment gateway includes different payment methods like Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payments, COD and PayPal. All of these are the most trusted payment options, including COD which is the most preferable option for customers.

#11 Easy Order Management

Managing online orders have never been easy, because in an e-commerce site you have wide reach of customers and you get orders from several regions at one time. But with woocommerce, it has become easy to manage all your orders at one page.

Woocommerce order panel gives a quick glance of all you recent orders, including:

  • Processing, fulfilled, cancelled or refunded order.
  • Order no. with customer name and product name.
  • Order Date
  • Shipping Details
  • Refund Order


It is necessary to maintain a business reputation, whether you are running an online business or an offline business. It is a bit more difficult to build a good reputation of your online business, where people are not visiting your physical store.

In such cases you require tools like Woocommerce Plugin, which can help you in running the business at a professional level. The extensions and plugins of woocommerce will make it possible for you to build a trust among your customers and increase your sales. Below mentioned are the some important features which will definitely help you knowwhy choose woocommerce for your wordpress e-commerce website:

  • Creating discount coupons.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • Business analytics.
  • Integrating with woocommerce payment gateways like PayPal and other payment options like Direct bank transfer, Cheque payments and Cash on delivery (COD).
  • Customer account builder.
  • Integration with top shipment companies like FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, etc.for domestic and international shipments.

Woocommerce has developed as a popular choice among the best e-commerce tools for WordPress websites for many start-ups and established e-commerce websites, and the advance features it has, makes it necessary for you to install it, if you want to run a profitable e-commerce website.

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