Do you run an e-commerce website? Then you would agree how difficult it is to convert visitors into customers. Do you know, you can make it easy by following some of the best future ecommerce trends of 2020.

Yes, that’s totally true

Most of the established e-commerce companies have also agreed that if startup e-commerce websites don’t upgrade themselves according to the future and latest trends in ecommerce, then they will lack e-commerce growth. In this post by “Kreo Web”, we bring to you the most effective and useful trends in e-commerce industry that will definitely help you to scale your e-commerce business in 2020.

Most Necessary Ecommerce Trends

  • Mobile-Friendly Website.
  • High-quality product images
  • Variety of product images.
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Service

Most Useful Ecommerce Trends in 2020

1. Use Chatbots & AI to Match Latest Ecommerce Trends

E-commerce Trends in 2019

Interacting with customers is one of the best way to know about their needs so that you can sell them the right product. According to popular surveys, customers connect with companies that give them a good conversation experience. In such case, chatbots are the best solution because it comes under an automation process they are emerging as an essential component in the future of online business.

What you can do?

You can install a live chatbot on your website from “

Installing a live chatbot on your website will welcome the customer with a beautiful greet. This will also make goodwill for your brand in front of the customer. A live chatbot can handle a heavy load to interact with the customer directly and show them the right product.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) – Useful Ecommerce Trend

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

It will be a great experience for customers in your website, if they can check how a product will look in its actual place. AR or Augmented Reality can really help in bringing such an innovative feature to your website. As shown in the picture above, customers can actually check how a product will look in a particular place, just by using their mobile phone.

What You Can Do?

According to current trends in e-commerce, you should definitely have the feature of AR for your customers, if you want them to buy your product. Where most of the e-commerce websites are lacking this feature, you can stand out different from others in the online market by adding this.

3. Follow Customer Intent, Optimize for Voice Search

future of e-commerce

With the invention of voice search tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, etc. the future of e-commerce trends is more tending towards voice search rather than typing and searching for any product or service. When searching for products on voice search, customers mostly use use local language and expect relevant results for what they search and if your products are optimized with relevant keywords, then you can definitely get a click.

According to popular eCommerce experts, voice search is evolving as an effective trend in the eCommerce industry and it can become an important factor for the success of e-commerce in 2019 and further in the future.

What You Can Do?

People mainly go for long queries while using voice search, therefore, to optimize your product page for voice search, you should always focus on long-tail keywords which is most likely to be searched by people.

For example – If you have a red sofa as a product, then instead of using a “red sofa” as a keyword you can go for a “red sofa for drawing room”, red sofa with cushions” or “red sofa and loveseat set”.

4. Direct to Customer: D2C

ecommerce trends

Direct to Customer or D2C is a method where, the middlemen between manufacturer and consumer (e.g. wholesaler, distributor, retailer) get excluded. This has a lot of advantages like cutting off extra charges from the product, providing products at an affordable rate, avoiding any piracy on a product, etc.

People will definitely go for the product which costs them the least amount, and this is possible for you if you run your e-commerce business with the D2C model. Nowadays websites that are offering a product at a low rate than other websites, are likely to get more sales. This 2019 e-commerce trend is going to be one of the emerging factors for e-commerce growth in 2020 and further.

What You Can Do?

You can go for a D2C business model, where middlemen between manufacturer and customer will be excluded and your customer will get their product directly from the manufacturer at a price that will be cheaper than other websites.

5. Customers Like to Buy Customized Products

customized products in ecommerce

It is always good to sell the exact product your customer wants, but, why should customers search the whole website for that one product. Customers will love a feature in your websites where they can customize their own products the way they like.

Another major advantage of this feature is that you will also get data about what your customer likes. By using this data you can target your customers by displaying similar products through online ads.

According to e-commerce experts, this is the most effective e-commerce trend you should follow in 2019 and 2020 to drive a good amount of sales to your website.

What You Can Do?

Add a feature on your website where customers can customize the color, size, pattern, etc. of the product so that they can get their perfect product.

6. Better Ways to Interact with Customer

How to improve customer engagement

Consumers always prefer to buy a product after a conversation with the salesperson in the case of the offline market. It will be a very good idea to provide this feature also in the online markets. This will build trust among the customers for the product, and most of the time they will purchase the product.

Till now, the work of salespeople has remained offline but in the future, salesperson are going to get more work from online markets. Without any doubt, this is going to be counted among the necessary eCommerce trends to maintain good interaction with customers if you want to drive sales for your trending online business.

What You Can Do?

Chatbots are a great tool for increasing conversation with the customer. You can let the AI interact with the customer or you can place a salesperson who can directly interact with the customer with his/her selling skills.

Another thing you can do is provide a contact number of experts who know your product well and can advise the buyer about the negative and positive of each product. This is mostly applicable to websites that sell products like medicine, supplements, tour packages, car services, etc.

7. Try and Buy Feature

online business essentials

The advantage of the ‘Try and Buy’ feature is a bit similar to the ‘AR feature’ i.e. customer can get a product experience before buying it. In AR, the customer gets a virtual preview of the product, whereas, in ‘Try & Buy’ customers can physically try the product and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Most of the e-commerce websites worldwide have realized this e-commerce trend as an important aspect to maintain a good customer relationship and getting more sales in 2019 and 2020.

What You Can Do?

You should definitely follow this trend in online shopping, to get growth in your sales. You can provide this feature as a paid option or a free option, but the point is you have to provide such a trending feature.

8. Focus on Niche Store

Niche stores are those which does not contain products of every category, but contains everything related to one Yes, that’s true, a niche store is always better than an all-in-one store, because, here, you will get an exact customer to target. At the same time, customers will also assume your website as a perfect place to buy the specific product they want.

Also, according to the SEO perspective, it is easy to optimize a niche store after Google’s Hummingbird update.

What You Can Do?

Search for the best product category to sell and sell everything inside that niche. You can also write a blog related to that niche, as this is good for SEO factors.

9. Integrate Web Payments

2020 ecommerce trends

No one likes to fill the same payment form every time they buy a product. Web payment is a method where users will have to fill the payment form only once while buying a product from your website and their payment details will be saved on the web. What this does is, when a customer buys a product next time he/she can proceed without filling the same payment details.

Nowadays, a major thing every user looks for is a website that can give them an easy user experience while buying and purchasing. If your website includes trending e-commerce features that can make the user experience far better than other websites then you will definitely get a bunch of loyal users.

What You Can Do?

Add plugins on your website that will save the payment details of customers who have purchased a product from your website. What this will do is, next time any of those customers make a purchase, the website can detect their saved payment details and complete the purchase. Getting a customer registered with the website will make the above process easy and secure.

10. Make the Best Use of Video Content & Video Marketing

2019 online business trends

Adding videos related to your product on the product page is a better way to display your product, which is our 10th most necessary e-commerce trend. Videos always give a better overview of any product than text. Customers get more attracted to video than simple texts because videos explain better than texts.

According to popular digital marketing experts, video ads have a better capability of converting customers into visitors. Therefore, having videos displaying your product becomes a necessary thing for you which you can use for both product description and product marketing.

What You Can Do?

On the product page, add videos about the product you are selling. That totally does not mean you should ignore text description. For a better eCommerce website, you should have both text and videos about your product. For video marketing campaigns, create several attractive videos for your products, and run video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

11. Target Customers in Micro Markets

trends in ecommerce industry

Unless you are a brand, customers are never going to directly visit your website and scroll products on your website. When users cannot reach your website, you will have to put efforts to reach them. In this case, micro markets are the best place to be in where you can reach the right customers for your business.

Micro markets are places outside your eCommerce website, where customers can easily buy your product. This e-commerce trend has already gained its ground with popular businesses listing their products in Google SERP and popular social media platforms.

What You Can Do?

The best way to gain ground in micro markets is by listing your products on Facebook Marketplace and then promoting your products by running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can also list your products on Google by creating a Google’s Merchant account.

12. Use Influencer Marketing for E-commerce Growth

online marketing trends

Your customer spends more time on social media than on your website. Gaining ground in social media has become one of the most necessary factors to increase your business profit. Creating brand awareness among your customers through social media is the most effective to gain your ground and stand among other business competitors.

As we know people like to buy referred products and when it is referred by someone they admire they love to buy it. Social media is also a place ruled by non-celebrity bloggers, known as influencers, who hold a wide fan base among social media users. According to a survey, 20 – 30 percent of customers like to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger.

According to the latest e-commerce trends of 2019, social media influencers are the best way to promote your product and it is also going to be a part of future eCommerce trends.

What You Can Do?

Search for influencers, who have a good follower base that is more likely to buy the product you are selling. You can approach the influencer by e-mail or social media and ask them to promote your product on their channel or account where they can review or recommend your product.

Bonus Tip on Ecommerce Trends for Successful Ecommerece Growth

If you want to run a profitable e-commerce website then following the latest ecommerce trends of 2019 and 2020 is very important for you. Old trends are outdated and the future of e-commerce technology has arrived. Adopt future ecommerce trends to run a trending online business

Trends in online shopping are getting innovative and more creative, and adding trending features on your e-commerce website has become an important element for e-commerce growth.

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