Converting visitors into customers is never an easy task, but by following landing page best practices, you can convert half of the website visitors. Designing landing pages that convert the best is not something impossible or very hard to do, but it just requires following the right steps. To design a high converting landing page you should be familiar with steps & tricks that can convert most of the visitors to customers.

We at Kreo web understand how landing pages can be important for your online business and therefore brought 10 easy and simple tricks you should follow to get great landing pages that convert. If you design a landing page with our special tricks then you can make your landing page eligible for expensive online ads you pay for.

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What is a High Converting Landing Page?

There are several kinds of landing pages. In fact, you can also use a simple web page as a landing page, but the point is whether they are capable of converting visitors into customers. Here a high converting landing page plays an important role and is different from a simple landing page or a web page.

A landing page that converts the best can perform much better than any other web page. High converting landing pages are meant to build trust for your business among the visitors so that they can click through the CTA button and become your customer.

How to Design Landing Pages that Convert the Best?

Once you understand what a converting landing page means, now you need to understand the process & tricks of designing landing pages that sell and convert the best. Here are some of the simple and most effective tricks you should definitely apply to design a high converting landing page.

1. Follow the Rules of Engagement

landing page essentials

If you want to make a good customer engagement with your landing page, then it is very necessary for you to understand the basic rules and principles of engagement. According to the rules of engagement, the customer comes with two questions

  • Is this service or product for me?
  • Can I trust this company?

To make your customer engaged, your landing page should answer these questions in 5 seconds which means, the upper part of your page (which gets the first impression) should contain the answer to such questions.

On your landing page always try to be clear and relevant with your words. Also, remember less is more, don’t try to show unnecessary and extra points, only show the points for which you were representing your ad and for what the user has visited your landing page.

2. Use the Right Color Combination

high converting landing pages

Colors are the important factor to set the tone of your landing page. Using colors that can best match with your industry is one of the best practices to make your landing page attractive.

Here are the best colors to use for a high converting landing page:

  • Yellow – Optimistic, youthful, grabs attention
  • Red – Energy, Urgency
  • Orange – Aggressive, Good for CTA buttons.
  • Pink – romantic, Feminine ( good for feminine websites )
  • Blue – Trust, Security (Banks, Accountants, Payment gateways)
  • Green – Wealth, Finance, Entertainment (It’s the easiest color on eyes)
  • Purple – Soothing, calm
  • Black – Powerful, Sleek, Premium (Luxurious & Sophisticated)

3. Avoid Common Mistakes

Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid while designing a landing page:

  • Avoid being self-important – Without praising your business much try to be clear on what you provide and how your service or product can solve the problem of a visitor.
  • Being impatient – Stop being impatient, while creating the content of landing page. Expose each point at the right place and moment.
  • Stay away from too much text – Also don’t go for too much text. As mentioned above, always remember, less is more.

4. Essentials for Landing Page

essentials for landing pages

  • Head – It should be relevant to what your website is about.
  • An explanation – You should give an explanation of why and how your product or service is going to help the visitor.
  • Benefit and value of your Service – This point should tell the visitor what are the benefits of closing this deal with your business. This may include offers and benefits that you provide.

5. Logical Flow

designing landing pages that converts the best

Logical flow means the flow in which a landing page should go on. A traditional flow of a landing page goes on the following way;




Call to Action

6. Trustworthy Testimonials

landing page best practices

Testimonials are one of the best ways to gain the trust of visitors who visit your landing page. Displaying testimonials of good and positive reviews of your service or product can convert 50% of visitors into customers. Adding good 5-6 testimonials on your landing page can play a very useful and effective role in converting.

Testimonials on your website’s landing page should be relevant to your product or service with some add-ons like the name of the person who is giving the review and a photo of the same person.

7. Multiple Methods of Contact

contact us for website

It is not necessary that every visitor will be comfortable to contact you with only one method that you are providing. By providing visitors multiple methods to contact, you increase the chances of converting visitors into customers. Also, don’t add too many methods to contact. Adding 4-5 popular contact methods is a good idea to create a landing page that converts. For example, E-mail, contact no., Instagram, Facebook, etc.

8. Trust Indicators

As mentioned above, trust indicators like testimonials are a very good way to gain the trust of visitors. Adding other trust indicators like your portfolio with a link to the client’s website and client’s logo, certifications your business has achieved and logo of your business partners can be a very good option while adding trustworthy points to create a high converting landing page.

9. Images & Videos

images for landing page

Adding images and videos is always a good idea to execute while designing a page, whether it is a normal web page or a business landing page. Just hope, you visited a landing page that does contain any multimedia and only contains textual content, will you find that page interesting? No, nobody can find such a page interesting and attractive.

When it comes to landing pages that convert, you should always focus on how to make it attractive and interactive. By adding images that explain the service or product you are providing you can definitely increase the chance of converting visitors.

10. Powerful CTA

CTA images

When it all finishes, it comes to the final and ending point by clicking which a visitor closes a deal with you i.e. a Call-To-Action or CTA button. A CTA button should be attractive and catchy, which you can create by using the best colors for the CTA button like orange, yellow, etc. and by putting texts that depict urgency. Some examples of such texts are:

  • Book Now
  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Join Now,

and many more

Best Converting Landing Page Examples

landing pages that convert example
landing pages that convert example


Once your ad is done, once you made users click through your ad by spending a good amount of money and creating attractive ad campaigns, where they visit? They visit the landing page that you have linked to your ad’s CTA button. Once a user clicks through your ad everything depends on your landing page, if the user didn’t find your landing page helpful or relevant, then they will definitely bounce back, which will lose you a lead/sale and all the money you spent on marketing.

Designing landing pages that convert the best is the most effective way to convert most of the visitors into customers. A high converting landing page plays an important role to drive leads and sales to your business, therefore, with all your marketing strategies you should always focus on designing attractive and best-converting landing pages.

Above mentioned points in this blog are the landing page best practices that you should definitely implement while designing your next landing page. Let’s recapitulate the best practices of designing landing pages;

  • Rules of engagement
  • Right color combination
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Essential elements
  • A logical flow
  • Trustworthy testimonials
  • Multiple methods of contacts
  • Powerful CTA
  • Trust indicators
  • Images & Videos.

Following these tips and tricks to design best converting landing pages, can bring you a good amount of leads and sales in 2019 and 2020.

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