If you have a physical store of business then you will agree on how important it is to promote your business locally. Here, local SEO and Google My Business listing come to work, which helps you to spread your business locally on the web.

By performing Local SEO & optimizing your Local business listing, you will be able to rank higher on Google Maps. This will rank your business on Google business listing when your local customers will search for your business

In this post by Kreo Web, we will give you the best tips and tricks for listing business on Google maps to attract your local customers.

What is Google Business Listing?

Google business listing means listing your physically located business on Google Maps and updating each and every information of your business on that list. The information of business includes the physical address, working hours, photos, description, and reviews of your business.

Why is Local SEO necessary to Rank Higher on Google Maps?

SEO is very important to rank on Google SERP, whereas, Local SEO is very important to rank in Google Maps. For example, you have a bakery shop in Oakville and you want that people can find your business when someone searches for “Best Cake Shop in Oakville” on Google. This is possible only when your business website is optimized and listed on Google business listing.

How to Improve Google Maps Ranking in 2020?

1. Set Up Google My Business Account

Google My Business Account

The first step to list your business on Google Maps is to set up a business account on Google My Business. Basically, it is a free tool to manage and optimize your Google business listing. With Google My Business you can manage your ranking, customer reviews, business posts, etc.

2. Choose the Right Category

rank in google maps

While listing a business on Google maps using Google My Business, you will be asked to choose a business category. Choosing the right business category during this process is very crucial. This helps Google to understand your business so that when someone searches for that particular category, it can show your business.

3. Detailed Description of your Business

Local business listing

The description is a prime part to take care of while listing business on Google maps. SEO or Local SEO both are dominated by quality content. In Google Maps, a description is the only part where you put most of the content. Therefore, using the description section to the fullest is very important to optimize your Google business listing.

4. Location and Direction

Local SEO on google Maps

If you want more visitors to your business physical location then you will understand how important it is to mark your business location and give the correct direction to your business location. While setting up your local listing on Google My Business you will be asked to mark the exact location of your business and to give the address of the store or office.

After setting up the account and marking the address, Google will send you an OTP letter to the address you have mentioned, after a few days. Next, you need to enter that OTP at Google My Business and thereby confirm your location.

5. Upload Good-Quality Posts

good posts for business listing

Updating your business list by posting new photos and business updates helps your customers to engage with your business on Google maps. Points to remember before uploading a post are:

  • High-Quality Images
  • Images that reflect your business.
  • Business Updates
  • Photos of your Business Location.

6. Use a Local Calling Number

Google business registration

When it comes to promoting your business locally it is very important to have a local calling number of your business. The advantage of having a local calling number is that it makes easy for customers to get in contact with your business.

According to Local SEO, Google also checks whether you have a local number or not. Therefore, adding a local number of your business to Google local listing is very important for both user and SEO perspective.

7. Google Business Reviews

Local SEO in Google

Reviews have always remained an important factor in creating your business reputation in front of your customers. Negative reviews of your business can always affect your business badly. At the same time, if your business earns positive reviews on Google Business listing, it can give your business a good jump in local listings by increasing the rating of your business. Everything about 4.0 works well.

8. Embed Google Map on Business Website

How to embed google maps on website

Embedding Google map to your website is another good way to rank your website on the basis of local SEO. It helps your website visitors to know where your business is actually located.

You can embed your Google Maps location to your website by following these steps;

  1. Search for your business name.
  2. Open your business listing.
  3. Click the share button.
  4. Click ‘embed’.
  5. Copy the HTML code and paste it to your business website.


Optimizing your business website to rank locally is very important to reach your local customers and rank higher on Google business. By optimizing local SEO of your business website you can beat your local competitions.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the best strategies you can use to rank higher on Google Maps. Let’s look at those Local SEO strategies one more time,

  • Set Up Google My Business Account
  • Choose the Right Business Category
  • Detailed Description of your Business
  • Location and Direction of Physical Store
  • Upload Good-Quality Posts
  • Use a Local Calling Number
  • Google Business Reviews
  • Embed Google Map on Business Website

By following the above-mentioned tricks for Google local listing you can definitely increase the chances of getting ahead of your competitors and spread your business locally on the web.