Backlinks are necessary when it comes to rank your website higher on Google SERP. Without high-quality backlinks, Google will never consider your website’s importance. In other words, without high-quality backlinks, your website is invaluable to Google. Therefore, to make your website valuable you should follow the right SEO backlinks strategy.

If you are searching for a backlink strategy that is going to rank your website in 2020, then this SEO backlinking guide by Kreo Web, can give you the best strategies to get high-quality backlinks.

Is it necessary to follow the Backlinks Strategy?

The time has gone when you could have ranked your website just by creating a few random backlinks. Backlinks have always remained a major Google ranking factor but in recent years, the strategy with which you get backlink matters a lot.

Earlier, website owners used to get backlinks by submitting their website’s link to cheap backlink sources like low-quality directory submissions, low-quality article submissions, private blogs, etc. but after certain Google updates like the most important “PBN deindexing update”, website’s with low-quality backlinks failed to hold their Google ranking.

Keeping in mind all these events happened in the past few years, it has become very necessary to follow the right strategy towards getting high-quality SEO backlinks. Backlinks strategies that are mentioned in this guide are the most effective strategies that can give your website a boost towards the first page of Google.

Two kinds of backlinks

Basically, there are two types of backlinks

(i) No-follow: Backlinks which are not crawled by Google.
(ii) Do-follow: Backlinks which are crawled by Google.

Do-follow backlinks are much more valuable than no-follow backlinks. While creating backlinks, your prior focus should be on getting do-follow backlinks, because 1 do-follow link = 10 no-follow link.

How to build backlinks: Best SEO Backlinks Strategy

1. Search for High DA Directory Submission

SEO backlinking strategy

Though directory submissions have become an outdated strategy to get backlinks, if you can get backlinks from high DA (Domain Authority) directory submission sites then those backlinks are still valuable.

The most important point is to get backlinks from high-quality websites. If you are getting a backlink from a directory that has a high domain authority, then it can definitely boost your website’s ranking. On the other hand, if you are getting links from low-quality websites then it can affect your website’s ranking.

How to get High DA websites for backlinks?

Visit SEO Khazana which is one of the best websites to get high-quality backlinks. To check the domain authority of directory submission sites you can visit the ‘DA checker tool’. If a website scores more than 20, then it has a good DA, and you should try to get backlinks from such websites.

2. Do Competitor’s Backlink Analysis

competitor backlinks analysis

This is the most effective and easy SEO backlinks strategy. What is working for your competitor, will definitely work for you, therefore, you should focus on getting a link from your competitor’s backlinking websites. The only thing you need is a list of websites that are linking to your competitor’s site.

How to get the Competitor’s Backlink List?

You can use backlink checker tools like ‘ahrefs’ or ‘ubersuggest’ to get the list of websites that are linking to your competitor’s site. Next, what you need to do is, visit those websites and submit a link to your website if possible.

3. Use Quora for Backlinks

linking to quora

Quora is one of the most popular websites on the web and if you can get a do-follow backlink from such a website then what can be better than this. It is the best site for one of the popular SEO backlinking strategy i.e. forum posting. In Quora, you also increase the chance of getting more website visitors, just by answering questions with a referral to your website.

How to Get Backlinks from Quora?

Quora is a Q&A website where you need to answer doubts of certain users. Visit Quora and search for those questions which are related to your niche or industry. While answering those questions you can give a referral link of your website, if it is relevant to the question you are answering.


4. Get Social Media Backlinks

get free backlinks from social media

Social media is the best platform to get backlinks. It basically has two advantages i.e. it can generate more visitors to the website and it can give high-quality do-follow backlinks. Not every social media website gives a do-follow backlink, but still getting backlinks from popular social media websites has lot of advantages like spreading your business’ online awareness and promoting your website.

Which Social Media Websites give Do-Follow Backlinks?

Here are the most popular social media platforms that can give you a high-quality do-follow backlink for free.
(i) Instagram
(ii) Pinterest

5. Guest Blogging

high quality backlink building

Guest blogging basically means to write articles or blogs on popular blogging websites where you can give a do-follow link to your website. It is one of the most time consuming but productive strategies to create backlinks. This strategy not only helps to get high-quality backlinks but also helps to increase your website’s domain authority.

How to Start Guest Blogging?

• Search on Google with the keyword you want to write a blog for. For ex. – “keyword” + guest blog, where you will get different websites inviting guest bloggers.
• Prepare a list of those of websites
• Mail website owners individually and ask them to publish a guest blog on their website.
• Write a good quality blog.
• Give links to your website within the blog.
• If your blog gets approved, then congratulations, your website is going to get a good quality backlink and many other advantages.


Creating high-quality backlinks is a tough but most important task to impress the Google ranking factor. Without external links pointing to your website, Google will never consider your website as something that should be ranked on the first page.

Getting a productive SEO backlinks strategy is tough but with this blog, we have tried to make your work easy by sharing the most effective backlinks strategies. Let’s recapitulate the above-mentioned backlink strategies:

1. Search for High DA Directory Submission
2. Do Competitor’s Backlink Analysis
3. Use Quora for Backlinks
4. Get Social Media Backlinks
5. Guest Blogging

To rank higher on Google SERP you should definitely follow these free backlinks strategy and keep building backlinks.

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